“Beauty is a dynamic event that occurs between you and something else. Beauty can spontaneously occur at any moment given the proper circumstances, context, or point of view. Beauty is thus an altered state of consciousness, an extraordinary moment of poetry and grace” – I’m quoting Leonard Koren, who put it more perfectly than I ever could in his book “Wabi-Sabi for artists, designers, poets and philosophers”. I think that people are most beautiful when they let themselves be vulnerable – open and real. I think self-made and thoughtful beats fancy. It think it’s all about the details. I think it’s important to take the time you need. And to let go of your expectations, whatever they are, because that’s when you’ll be free to receive what already is.




I’m rather quiet but my laughter can be really loud. Ask my housemates.

I applied for a master’s degree in photography before I knew anything about the manual setting on a DSLR camera. Then I learned.

I really enjoy being with people, but I need a LOT of time for myself.

Mediterranean and Eastern vegetarian food is my favorite.

I can’t start the day without a proper breakfast. No really. It’s impossible.

When I need to get stuff done, my last resort is old school hip-hop. That helps nearly every time.

If you want to make me happy write me a thoughtful note. Or come with me to pick wild blueberries.

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