Amidst cherry trees, Zahra

It had been my dream for as long as I can remember, to spend an afternoon amidst blossoming cherry trees. There’s something about cherry blossoms and the way they fade so quickly that I find really fascinating. At the risk of sounding fleur bleue ; cherry trees awaken the little girl that I was (and still am deep inside), and her infinite sense of wonder. They take me back to sun drenched afternoons in my childhood, when I was just running around barefoot, carefree.

Zahra and I drove out at lunch time – I was actually googling how to make proper flower crowns on the way to the location. We spent a long moment in the car before starting the shooting, trying to get those flowers to hold together. We didn’t know it was a good idea to pack some wire to give the crown a proper shape! But somehow it worked. And it really felt sort of magical, reliving those childhood moments but in a different way. To me, that is in part what photography is about – creating fragments of beauty and wonder with what you have at hand in that moment.

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