Blog: Fragments of Life

You’ll find them here. Rays of light tangled in your hair. Wind sweeping over wide open spaces – announcing the storm. A man looking at her like maybe she’s magic. The crackling of a campfire lit near the water. The first strawberries of the season. Early mornings, before the world takes on its colours. Late nights, in between dizzy dances and wishes sent into the darkness. Quiet moments with a dear friend. Or with a total stranger. Silly jokes with your baby boy. All in all, that’s what this blog will display. Together with a thousand other things.

That’s the kind of moments I love to live, to capture and to share – hence this blog page. In the end, it’s not about being photogenic or feeling at ease in front of the camera, and it’s not about a perfect decor or perfectly fitting clothes, even if that helps. It’s about being in the light, and about trusting you can be yourself. Truly and freely. So, if you want to create some moments of this kind with me, do send me a note and tell me all about it! Or if you just want to see more, come have a look here or here.

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