Family: Jono, Kirsty, Zahra and Francesca

This little family and I spent a few moments together on the first of May. We started by strolling through Richmond Park, London, looking for the perfect place to lay the picnic mat. Then we adventured into high grass, ate the madeleines they had brought, blew soap bubbles and spotted some deer in the distance. Zahra and Francesca were both tireless at climbing the funnily branched trees in the Isabella Plantation. We got back into the car right before the rain started pouring. Perfect program for a bank holiday, if you ask me.

Wide shot of family sitting in the grass on a blanket Closer shot of family sitting on a blanket in the grass Older daughter walking through high grass, holding her mum's hands Closer shot of older daughter with her mum Closer shot of older daughter with her dad Shot of younger daughter with her mum Mum blowing bubbles while dad and the daughters are watching Younger daughter smiling at bubbles Wide shot of older daughter walking towards open field Close up shot of older daughter holding her soft toy whale Close up shot of the soft toy whale's eye Photo showing older daughter running towards the camera while parents follow with the little one Closer shot of older daughter looking at the distance Close-up of younger daughter with her dad Wider shot of older daughter leaning agains a tree and looking up Shot of mum holding older daughter on balance on a tree branch The two parents hold their two girls on balance on a tree branch Dad holding younger daughter on balance on a tree branch Dad holding older daughter on a tree branch Close up shot of dad with older daughter Black and white picture of mum with younger daughter Closer shot of mum kissing younger daughter

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