Family Renevey By Lake Neuchâtel

It was an early spring day. Fanny and Jean-Philippe came with their four children – Tsilla, Lohan, Néhémie and Kim – for their family shooting by lake Neuchâtel (Switzerland). While the sun was preparing to sink behind the horizon, we spent two hours photographing in its golden light. We threw sand and balloons and kids in the air and we made sure there were plenty of hugs, too. They are a very playful family, which meant a lot of action ALL THE TIME. And dad ended up with his head in the sand a few times. So, here’s a tip if you’re planning a family shooting: don’t forget the sweets! Fanny and Jeanph handed out a few colourful treats at a strategic time. As a result, the kids instantly forgot that they were tired of being photographed!


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