Boho Meets Classic: Simon and Esther’s Wedding, Zurich

It’s got that little bit of bohème; the bride and her feathers and her golden crown and her lace and her huge, slightly wild bouquet. And it’s got that little bit of classic; the groom and his cylinder and his stick. Place that combo in a magnificent church located in the jewish quarter of the city. Spend the evening in a charming, rustic, romantic barn house with lots of wood. That’s how you get a joyful wedding party under the banner of faith and friendship.

Now I don’t know about you, but I live for beauty in the simplest things, for details and for thoughtful surprises. Well, all of Esther and Simon’s wedding day was filled with it. Little feathers carefully slipped in the bride’s bouquet (and pretty much everywhere else in the deco, because well, she loves feathers). She even had a tiny one in her hair. Or the bride’s shoes (and toenails) matching her best friend’s dress. Or that golden little crown on the her head, carefully mingled with ivy to make it look more delicate. Their rings descending from the church’s ceiling, hidden inside a tiny hot air balloon. Not to mention the groom’s name stitched in the inside of his suit. I could go on, but I’d rather let you see for yourself.



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