If you wonder what to expect and you’re curious about what others thought, here’s what they say. A few impressions I gathered from my lovely clients over the past year. Since I also work with German and French speaking folks, you’ll find the english translation underneath the original text.

Isabel Nao Lifestyle and Elopement Photographer


“You have a crazy way of totally and utterly being like a magic treasure box – you open it, kinda curious about what you’ll find, and you’re absolutely blown away by what you find. You find Pure Beauty. You wonder…how on earth did something so beautiful fit into this tiny box?! A few minutes later you realize that you should probably start breathing again…

Quite simply put: I don’t know what to say… I knew you had a special talent for everything related to esthetics and a Midas-touch when it comes to capturing light and magical moments through your lens. BUT. I would have NEVER EVER imagined the pictures would turn out like this. You took two ordinary people (one of them a complicated, slightly whalerus-y, under-energized prego) and a spontaneously thrown-together set of props and options and transformed it all into unique and complete pieces of art. Not sure how you do it, but, girl, you are made of different stuff.

Please accept our biggest, deepest THANK-YOU. I’ll be forever grateful for these memories – both on picture and in your wonderful company!” Selina about her pregnancy shooting in Vancouver, Canada


Uns hat es sehr gefallen wie freundschaftlich, ungezwungen und familiär das Shooting war. Die Atmosphäre war authentisch. Deine lockere und warme Art hat sehr dazu beigetragen. Du bist super auf uns eingegangen und es hat sich nicht angefühlt wie ein Fotoshooting eher wie ein Besuch einer guten Freundin. Danke Isa für den schönen Nachmittage und die tollen Fotos. PS.: Du bist super talentiert und eine großartige Fotografin!!! Jana and Claudio über ihr Familien Shooting im Schwarzwald, Deutschland

We loved how friendly, casual and familiar the shooting felt. The atmosphere was authentic. Your relaxed and warm manner contributed a lot to that. You paid great attention to us and it didn’t feel like a photoshooting, more like the visit of a good friend. Thank you Isa for the beautiful afternoon and the amazing photos. P.S. You are super talented and a brilliant photographer! Jana and Claudio about their family shooting in the Black Forest, Germany

Lifestyle and Elopement Photographer Switzerland
Lifestyle and Elopement Photographer Switzerland


“Nous sommes très satisfaits de notre séance photo avec Isabel. Le rendu est magnifique, presque magique, elle a su capter de beaux moments de vie. Elle est très patiente et elle a eu un très bon feeling avec mon fils de 2 mois. Je la recommande vivement, son travail est de grande qualité.” Alba et Andrés au sujet de leur shooting famille à Genève

We are very happy about our photoshooting with Isabel. The result is splendid, almost magical, she captured some beautiful life moments. She is very patient and she got on very well with my 2 months old son. I highly recommend her, her work is of great quality.” Alba and Andrés, about their family shooting in Geneva


“Am Treffen vor dem Shooting konnten wir Isabel kennen lernen. Dies beruhigte am Shooting. Wir kamen das erste Mal auf diese Art mit einem Photographen in Kontakt und waren es nicht gewohnt abgelichtet zu werden. Wegen ihrer Art, den motivierenden und anregenden Kommentaren, der Offenheit und Gastfreundschaft, fühlten wir uns wohl. Das Ergebnis war Atemberaubend. Deswegen können wir sie von Herzen weiterempfehlen. Mit ihrem offenen, ruhigen und gelassenem Umgang schafft sie eine lockere, freie Atmosphäre, in einer unsicheren und angespannten Situation.” Simon und Esther über ihr Paar Shooting in den Bergen

We were able to meet Isabel for a discussion before the shooting, which allowed us to be much more relaxed on the shooting day. It was the first time we got in contact with a photographer and weren’t used to being photographed. Because of her open nature and her hospitality, as well as the motivating and stimulating comments, we felt comfortable. With her open, calm and serene manner, Isabel creates a relaxed and free atmosphere in a situation that may otherwise be uncertain and tense. The outcome was breathtaking. This is why we heartily recommend her. Simon and Esther about their engagement shooting in the mountains

Isabel Nao Lifestyle and Elopement Photographer


“Durch ihre Art und ihre Menschenkenntnisse, hatte uns Isabel im August 2016 eine vorzügliche Örtlichkeit in Zürich vorgeschlagen, die zu mir, sowie auch zu meiner Freundin passt. Der Nachmittag, den wir zu dritt erleben durften war einem Geschenk ebenwürdig. Einmal vor der Linse zu stehen war eine schöne Erfahrung. Auch dank der lockeren Atmosphäre und der Menschlichkeit die von Isabel kam. Jedes einzelne Foto hat ihren eigenen Charakter und Professionalität, das es uns schwehr fällt, uns für einen Favoriten zu entscheiden.” Christian und Nathalie, Paar Shooting in Zürich

Through her manner and her insight into people’s nature, Isabel suggested a venue for our couple shooting that fit very well with my girlfriend as well as myself. The afternoon that we got to spend together felt just like a gift. It was a beautiful experience to stand before the lens, also thanks to Isabel’s humanness and the relaxed atmosphere she created. Each single photo has its own character and a professionalism that makes it hard for us to choose a favorite. Christian and Nathalie, about their couple shooting in Zurich


“J’ai demandé à Isabel de photographier le troisième anniversaire de ma fille et je suis plus qu’enchantée du résultat! Isabel est une photographe très discrète qu’on ne remarque à peine et pourtant elle a su saisir à merveille chaque émotion, chaque petit détail et chaque instant symbolique de la fête. Ses clichés reflètent à merveille toute l’ambiance de l’anniversaire et les portraits qu’elle a su capter sont troublants! Il faut ajouter que c’était une première pour elle de photographier un anniversaire d’enfants! Je la recommande vivement!!!!!” Corinne

I asked Isabel to photograph my daughter’s third birthday and I’m more than delighted with the result. Isabel is a very discreet photographer whom you barely notice, yet she captured wonderfully every emotion, every small detail and every symbolic moment of the party. Her pictures beautifully reflect the atmosphere of the party and the portraits she was able to make are captivating! I also have to add that if was the first time she photographed a children’s birthday party! I highly recommend her!!!!! Corinne

Isabel Nao Lifestyle and Elopement Photographer
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